Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • New Home Sales Rise 2.9% in May
  • Oil Hits 10-Month Low
  • Sears Will Close 20 Stores
  • Blackberry Misses on Estimates
  • Tesla Increases Borrowing Capacity

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines



  • US Senate Proposes ObamaCare Replacement
  • Dow and S&P Finish Down While NASDAQ Up
  • Big Banks Pass First Round of Stress Tests
  • Amazon Charges $2.8 Million to Advertisers for NFL
  • Qatar Airways Looks to Acquire 10% Share of American Airlines

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Home Sales and Prices Up
  • Energy and Bank Stocks Drop Markets
  • Oil Hits 10-Month Low
  • Oracle Beas Q2 Estimates on Cloud Revenue
  • Diageo Buys George Clooney’s Tequila Company for $1 Billion

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Today’s Top 6 Business News Headlines



• Oil Falls to 9-Month Low
• Adobe’s Creative Cloud Helps Beats on Earnings
• Federal Express Beats as Earnings Rise Across Business
• Qatar Airways Named “Airline of the Year”
• Uber to Allow Tips
• Sears Admit Kmart Credit Card Accounts Compromised

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines


  • Healthcare and Technology Stocks Drive Stock Market to Record High
  • Oil Falls to Seven-Month Low on US Drillers
  • Autodesk Names New CEO
  • UPS Adds $1 to Seasonal Deliveries
  • Boeing Experiences Strong Demand for Its Updated 737
  • LockHeed Nears $37 Billion Deal to Sell F35s to 11 Countries
  • FTC Blocks FanDuel DraftKings Merger
  • Will There Be A Rival Bidder for Whole Foods?
  • Tesla Nears Agreement on First Plant in China
  • Will Amazon/Whole Foods Deal Impact Blue Apron IPO?

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

• Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13 Billion
• “Amazon wants to become Walmart before Walmart can become Amazon” (TechCrunch)
• Goldman Sachs Downgrades Costco After Amazon Purchase
• Netflix Backs Net Neutrality
• Kroger Stock Falls

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Today’s Top 7 Business News Headlines

  • Oil Hits Six-Month Low
  • Tech Stocks Continue to Sink Markets
  • Boeing Hits Record High on News of Qatar-US Deal
  • Snap Falls to IPO Price of $17
  • Kroger Sales Slump on Tight Profits
  • Nestle Cold Be Selling Chocolate Division
  • Nike to Cut 1,400 Jobs Across World

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