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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


• Stocks Finished Mix
• Amazon Says Cyber Monday Was Biggest Ever
• Buzzfeed Cutting Jobs
• McKinsey: Robots Could Displace 1/3 of All Jobs
• American Airlines Gives Too Many Pilots Time Off




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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Stocks Fall for Second Day in a Row
  • Amazon and Whole Foods Offer New Pricing for Premium Members
  • FCC to Kill Net Neutrality
  • Target Stock Sells Off 9% on Holiday Sales
  • Mattel Falls on Hasbro Sales

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines


• Stocks Finish at Record Highs
• Broadcom Bids $103 Billion for Qualcomm
• Federal Express to Team Up with Walgreens
• Oil Up 3.5%
• SalesForce Names Google Cloud to Preferred Vendors with Amazon
• Comcast Experiences Internet Slowdown
• Sprint Falls on Broken Merger Talks
• CVS Offers Next Day Delivery of Medicine
• Is Disney Buying 21st Century Fox?
• Target to Close for 6 Hours on Black Friday

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines



• Builders Reject Tax Legislation Over Mortgage Deduction Elimination
• Facebook Says 126 Million Saw Fake Russian Stories
• Stocks Markets Sell Off
• Softbank Doubts Merger Between T-Mobile and Sprint
• Advertising Has Strong Quarter

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Q3 GDP Up 3.0%
  • Amazon to Add 8,000 Jobs at Whole Foods
  • Tesla Slashes Production Orders for Tesla 3
  • JC Penney’s Shares Hit All-Time Low on Profit Warning
  • Amazon to Push into Pharmacy Industry?

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines



  • Amazon Stock Up $80 on Big Street Beat
  • Alphabet Stock Up $30 on 47% Increase in Paid Clicks
  • Microsoft Up 4% Stock on $20 Billion Cloud Revenue
  • Twitter Up on Amazon and Alphabet Speculation
  • CVS Health Makes $66 Billion Bid to Buy Aetna
  • Walmart to Use Robots for Out of Stock Problems
  • Mattel Sales Fall on Toys ‘R Us Bankruptcy
  • “Warren Buffett: BitCoin is a Real Bubble”   (Fox Business)

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Today’s Top 6 Business News Headlines


  • Dow Stock Falls 112 Points
  • Walgreens to Close 600 Stores
  • Amazon Will Deliver Packages into People’s Homes
  • Coca Cola Earnings Beat Estimates
  • Tesla Lays Off Hundreds of Solar City Employees
  • Sears Brings Back Christmas Catalog

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