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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines



  • US Senate Proposes ObamaCare Replacement
  • Dow and S&P Finish Down While NASDAQ Up
  • Big Banks Pass First Round of Stress Tests
  • Amazon Charges $2.8 Million to Advertisers for NFL
  • Qatar Airways Looks to Acquire 10% Share of American Airlines

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines








·         CEO Sentiment At Most Positive Since 2009


·         Oil Hits 3-Month Low


·         Stocks Sell Off


·         Energy Stocks Pull Down Market


·         SNAP Falls Below IPO Price


·         Volkswagen Open to Merger with Fiat Chrysler


·         American Airlines Bringing Back Free Meals on Long Flights


·         Neiman-Marcus Looking to Sell Itself?


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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • US Home Construction Stocks Finish Down
  • Tech and Health Stocks Drive Markets Down
  • Berkshire Hathaway Paid $99.49 for Apple Stock
  • American Airlines Near 2-Year Low
  • Changes Coming to Costco

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Stocks Finished Mix
  • American Airlines Forecasts Earnings Down
  • Halliburton Takes $2.1 Charge
  • GM to Close Four Plants for One Month for Retooling
  • AutoNation CEO: Car Makers “Over Optimistic”  (

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines


  • U.S. Growth Slows to 0.2 Percent
  • Federal Reserve May Still Raise Rates in 2015
  • Moody’s Cuts Greece to Junk
  • Lumber Liquidators Likely to Face Criminal Charges
  • Apple’s Taptic Feature Hurts Watch Production
  • Yelp Shares Fall on Q1 Earnings
  • Black & Decker to Pay $1.6 Million for Defects
  • American Airlines Shows Off Dreamliner

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

• Fannie Mae Approves Mortgages with 3% Down
• Brent Oil Hits 5-Year Low of $66
• McDonald’s Sees Sharpest Drop in Sales in 14 Years
• S+P Records Biggest Drop in 7 Weeks
• Madoff Associate Gets 10 Years of Jail
• Merck Buys Cubist Super Bug Company for $9.8 Billion
• Conoco Philips to Cut Spending in 2015
• American Airlines to Upgrade Hubs and Planes
• Amazon Tries Bikes While Delays Climb
• Hachette Looks to Sell Books Via Twitter

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

• Consumer Confidence Up in January
• Durable Goods Orders Down Sharply in December
• Stocks Up for First Time in Days
• Apple Shares Fall on Disappointing Sales in Q1
• Carl Icahn Tweets About Buying Apple Stock on Dip
• Ford Q4 Sales Soar
• American Airlines Has Better Than Expected Q1
• Comcast Q4 Profits Up 26% But Still Miss
• Vodafone Shareholders Give Approval on $130 Billion Sale to Verizon Wireless
• BitCoin Foundation Vice Chairman Accused of Laundering

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