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Today’s Top 3 Business News Headlines

• SNAP Shares Fall Below IPO Price
• Lockheed Receives $5.6 Billion Contract for 74 F-35’s
• Amazon to Offer Best Buy Geek Squad” Type Help

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Oil Falls 5%
  • NASDAQ, S+P 500 Finishes at Record High
  • Amazon Hits All-Time High
  • Best Buy Hits Record High on Surprised Sales
  • GameStop Reports Strong Sales

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • CBO Sees Larger Deficit in 2016
  • Oil Prices Fall on US Crude Stocks
  • S+P and NASDAQ Finish Near Record High
  • Best Buy Shares Rise on Surprise Strong Sales
  • Toll Brothers Experiences Strong Sales

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

  • Weekly Jobless Claims Up 10,000
  • Oil Falls Again
  • Durable Goods Orders Up 4.9% in January
  • Apple Files Against FBI
  • Best Buy Q1 Profits Miss
  • Halliburton Cuts 5,000 Jobs on Oil
  • Gasoline Prices Rising
  • Foxconn Bails on Sharp Acquisition, Stock Falls
  • Sears Posts Wider Than Expected Loss
  • Kohl’s to Close 18 Stores

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

• Jobless Claims Rise But Economy Still Healthy
• Stocks Finish Strong
• “Slowing Data Center Revenue Growth Dims Intel’s Profit Beat” (Reuters)
• Best Buy’s Holiday Quarter Hurt by Smartphone Sales
• Goldman Sachs Settles Mortgage Dispute for $5.1 Billion
• GoPro Stock Takes Big Hit on Missed Earnings Announcement
• Power Outage Harms JetBlue Flights
• Shake Shack Benefits from Chicken Sales
• Power Outage to Waste Water Wells Caused Earthquakes
• Could Amazon Enter The $360 Billion Ocean Freight Market?

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Today’s Top 6 Business News Headlines


  • Stocks Finish Up 2% for Day
  • United Airlines CEO Resigns After Corruption
  • Macy’s to Close 40 Stores
  • Yahoo Fails to Get IRS Blessing for Tax-Free Alibaba
  • Macy’s Forms Pact with Best Buy to Sell Electronics
  • Disney Anywhere Movies Comes to Amazon and Microsoft

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Today’s Top 7 Business News Headlines

  • China Cuts Key Interest Rates
  • Stock Futures Up Sharply on China Moves
  • Best Buy Was Big Winner Based on Electronics
  • Stocks Down 600 Points in Last Hour
  • Boeing to Layoff Hundreds of Employees
  • Amazon Prime Now Selling Alcohol in San Francisco
  • Fiat Most Disliked Car Brand in America

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