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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines

• Consumer Spending Rises 0.1% in August
• S+P and NASDAQ Hit Highs
• HHS Secretary Fired for Private Planes
• VW “Dieselgate” Now Over $30 Billion
• Tesla Sending Batteries to Puerto Rico


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• Dow Falls 168 Points on Tech Stocks
• Q1 Revised Up to 1.4% on Consumer Spending
• Kemper Plant Converts from Coal to Gas
• Aetna to Move from Hartford to New York City
• Blue Apron Flat on Day 1 of Trading

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Today’s Top 2 Business News Headlines

  • Key Federal Reserve Consumer Inflation Number Now Firm
  • Consumer Spending Accelerated in December

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Today’s Top 3 Business News Headlines


  • Stocks Finish Down for Day on Rate Hike and Election Fears
  • Consumer Spending Up in September With Higher Incomes
  • Lumber Liquidators Falls Over Litigation Concerns

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines



  • Consumer Spending Flat in July
  • S+P Advances for Sixth Time in Seven Sessions
  • Cable Revenue Expected to Rise 8% in Next 10 Years
  • Rupert Murdoch Names New Management for Fox News
  • Maersk Q2 Profit Falls on Weak Freight (Wall Street Journal)

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines

  • US Consumer Spending Up 0.4% for a Second Month in June
  • Auto Sales Up Slightly on Weaker Demand
  • Stock Markets Sell Off
  • AIG Sees Profit Boost on Reduced Costs
  • FitBit Sells More Devices But Costs Rise
  • EA Earnings Rise on Increased Downloads
  • Aetna Withdraws from Plans to Expand ACA Business
  • Is Biogen a Takeover Target?

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Today’s Top 7 Business News Headlines



  • Consumer Spending at Strongest Point in 6 Years
  • China Stimulus Slows Downturn
  • Tech Stocks Up 3.6% in May
  • Under Armour Says Sports Authority Closing Will Harm Sales
  • Starbucks to Serve Nitro Coffee
  • SoftBank to Sell $7.9 Billion in Alibaba Stock
  • Staples CEO to Step Down

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