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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

  • Google Q2 Earnings Rise 24% on Strong Ad Sales
  • Amazon Reports Q2 Profit of $1.78/Share, Its 5th Profitable Quarter in a Row
  • Oracle Pays $9.3 Billion for NetSuite
  • Ford Warns of Slow Growth and Peak Performance in US
  • New York Times Sees 78% Drop in Profit
  • Facebook Trades at All-Time High on Strong Earnings
  • “Home Ownership Rate Falls to Lowest Level Since 1965” (Real Deal Magazine)
  • 30-Year Mortgages Hit Highest Rate in a Month
  • Groupon Stock Rises on Narrower Loss
  • CBS Beats on Q2 Estimates on Retransmission Revenue Rates

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines


  • Brexit Vote to Leave EU Wreaks Havoc on Markets
  • “British Bracing for World Economy to Punish UK for ‘Brexit’ (
  • New Capital Goods Orders Fall in May
  • “Everybody Hates Apple but You” (
  • Wide Body Aircraft Orders Fall
  • London Market Loses $164 Billion in 10 Minutes
  • Mortgage Lenders Already Feeling the ‘Brexit Benefit’ (National Mortgage News)
  • Panama Canal Opens $5 Billion Locks
  • GM to Invest $290 Million in Corvette Plan
  • Stock Markets Brace for Monday

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines




  • 30-Year U.S. Mortgage Rates Fall to 3.64%
  • Stocks Finish Up
  • Smith & Wesson Gun Sales Soar
  • ExxonMobil to Continue Cutting Spending
  • Barnes & Noble Online Sales Fall, Held Up by Stores (Yes! Stores!)
  • HP Enterprise Sales Fall on Currency Problem
  • Herbalife Cuts Customer Growth in 2015
  • Disney to Add Two Cruise Ships

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Today’s Top 7 Business News Headlines


  • 30-Year Mortgages Fall for 5h Straight Week
  • Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected
  • LinkedIn Shares Plummet On Weak Sales Outlook
  • GoPro Worried About Becoming Next Flip
  • Health Care Signups More Than Expected
  • ABB Quarterly Profit Drops 78%
  • Martin Sihkrell Trashes Congress While Pleading the 5th

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines

• Jobless Claims Rise But Economy Still Healthy
• Stocks Finish Strong
• “Slowing Data Center Revenue Growth Dims Intel’s Profit Beat” (Reuters)
• Best Buy’s Holiday Quarter Hurt by Smartphone Sales
• Goldman Sachs Settles Mortgage Dispute for $5.1 Billion
• GoPro Stock Takes Big Hit on Missed Earnings Announcement
• Power Outage Harms JetBlue Flights
• Shake Shack Benefits from Chicken Sales
• Power Outage to Waste Water Wells Caused Earthquakes
• Could Amazon Enter The $360 Billion Ocean Freight Market?

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Today’s Top 9 Business News Headlines



  • Unemployment Rate Falls to 5.1%, 7-Year Low
  • 30-Year Mortgages Rise to 3.89%
  • U.S. Oil Cuts Rigs
  • Stocks Fall on Summer Friday and Tough Week
  • Gas Prices at Lowest Since 2004   (
  • Tampa Electric Announces Its Own Sale
  • Could Uber Offer Same Day Service to Retailers?
  • Gap Continues Softer Sales Streak in August  (Rapid News Network)
  • Boeing Loses Order for 4 Freighters

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines

  • Jobless Claims Rise 15,000 to 297,000 Openings
  • Greece Offers Tax Hikes in Latest Proposal
  • Stocks Finish
  • 30-Year Mortgage Rates Fall to 4.04%
  • Ford to Shift Jobs Overseas

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