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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Economy Adds 233,000 Jobs in May
  • Unemployment Rate Falls to 3.8%, an 18-Year Low
  • Sears and Kmart to Close 63 Stores
  • Walmart Offers Shopping by Text
  • Costco Raises Wages for 130,000 Employees

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


• Harley Davidson Cuts Staff
• China Lifts Onerous Tariffs on U.S. Cars
• House of Representatives Rolls Back Bank Reform to Pre-President Obama
• Stocks Fall
• Sears Closing 40 More Stores

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Today’s Top 6 Business News Headlines


• Dow Up for 5 Days in a Row
• Ford Suspends F-150 on Parts Shortage
• Fox to Buy Sinclair Stations
• California to Require Solar Power on All Homes
• Amazon’s Alexa to Be Built into All Lennar Homes
• Amazon to Work with Sears on Installing Car Tires

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Today’s Top 2 Business News Headlines


• Google Q1 Earnings Exceed Expectations
• Sears CEO Asks to Buy Kenmore Brand

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Today’s Top 11 Business News Headlines

  • Payrolls Up to 234,000, Beating Analyst Forecasts of 185,000, Says ADP
  • Market Ends Month Strong
  • Federal Reserve Holds Same Rates
  • Boeing Lifts Dow As Record Number of Deliveries Expected in 2018
  • FaceBook Posts 61% Increase in Earnings
  • AT&T Handily Beats Earnings Projections
  • Microsoft Beats Analyst Estimates on Cloud Business Growth
  • Qualcomm Reports Miss on Smartphone Woes
  • Sears Lays Off More Than 200 Executives Today
  • AMD Experiences Strong Quarter on Limited Margin Growth
  • Lilly Beats Estimates But Stock Drops on Diabetes Concern

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Today’s Top 3 Business News Headlines

  • Coke Unveils New Design
  • Sears to “Consider All Options”
  • Rupert Murdoch to Buy Several Sinclair Stations in Football Markets

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Today’s Top 3 Business News Headlines

• Dow Finishes Above 24,000
• Sears Sales Fall for 6th Year in a Row
• Bitcoin Down 20% in 24-Hour Period

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