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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Stocks Fall for Second Day in a Row
  • Amazon and Whole Foods Offer New Pricing for Premium Members
  • FCC to Kill Net Neutrality
  • Target Stock Sells Off 9% on Holiday Sales
  • Mattel Falls on Hasbro Sales

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Today’s Top 10 Business News Headlines


• Stocks Finish at Record Highs
• Broadcom Bids $103 Billion for Qualcomm
• Federal Express to Team Up with Walgreens
• Oil Up 3.5%
• SalesForce Names Google Cloud to Preferred Vendors with Amazon
• Comcast Experiences Internet Slowdown
• Sprint Falls on Broken Merger Talks
• CVS Offers Next Day Delivery of Medicine
• Is Disney Buying 21st Century Fox?
• Target to Close for 6 Hours on Black Friday

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines


  • Markets Driven Up by Bank Stocks
  • DraftKings and FanDuel Will Not Merge
  • Target Says Sales Are Up for First Time Since 2015
  • AirBNB Host Fined $5,000 for Racial Bias
  • SoundCloud Has Enough Money for 4th Quarter

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines

·         U.S. Producer Price Index Remains Flat

·         U.S. Dollar Falls Off 13 ½ Year Peak

·         Oil Demand for 2040 Will Not Peak Before 2040

·         Target Expecting Strong Demand During Christmas

·         Twitter Accounts for Alt-Rite Groups Closed

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Today’s Top 5 Business News Headlines



  • Fear of Federal Reserve Rate Hike Dissipates
  • Stocks Rise
  • Fertilizer Companies Potash and Agrium to Merge
  • HP to Acquire Samsung Printing Business
  • Growth in Target’s Holiday Hiring Coming From Supply Chain (Chicago Tribune)

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Today’s Top 2 Business News Headlines




  • Dollar Down on Federal Reserve Minutes
  • Target Beats Q2 Earnings Reduces 2017 Outlook

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Today’s Top 8 Business News Headlines



  • “Consumer Prices in U.S. Climbed in April by Most Since 2013”  (Bloomberg)
  • “US Factory Output Boosted by Machinery, Auto Production”  (Reuters)
  • Home Depot Has Strong Q1 Earnings
  • HP Sells Jet Fusion 3D Printer for 50% Less, 10x Faster
  • Taco Bell to Have Open Grill
  • “Dell Sells $20 Billion of Bonds in Second Biggest Bond Deal” (Bloomberg)
  • Number of Uninsured in U.S. Dropped Below 10% for First Time in 2015
  • Target Names Nordstrom Executive as Chief Merchandising Officer

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